Artist Statement and Bio

Exploration, discovery and challenge are integral parts of my creative process. I express my unique voice as an artist through the use of indirect painting methods such as decalcomania, reductive painting, grisaille, and direct methods included in my repertoire of techniques. My current work delves into the deeper meaning of abstract works, having defined purpose for each color stroke and design choice. It is influenced by my perspective as a childless female, channeling my creative contribution to the complex mechanisms of Life.


My grandfather, who was a skilled carpenter, farmer, and violinist inspired my desire to create by building as a machinist and welder. After earning credit toward an Associate of Applied Science degree, I enjoyed nearly 20 years as a tradeswoman, becoming a skilled milling machine operator and welder in a variety of applications.


Time with my grandfather also left a lasting love for the natural world, as we spent summer days gardening and observing the evening skies after our work was finished. Today, I study the stars and our place in the Universe as an astrologer.


During the span of my metalworking career, I revisited studies in Fine Art, completing an Associate of Fine Art. I gravitated toward Art History and a specially designed course applying media and materials through the Ages on select projects, beginning with art of the Middle Ages. I was particularly fascinated with the creation of illuminated manuscripts and the discovery of techniques and colors of our modern palette.


Movement is the central theme in my current work, recognizing the significance of the microcosm and macrocosm of existence. Expressive landscapes are represented with contrasting colors and brush stroke techniques, using an impressionistic fat over lean method for earth and rocks and more precise, fine detail to represent foliage. I choose vibrant colors to express how even static objects are alive and contrasts acknowledge the different, important functions that each element, plant and animal serves in the symphony of creation.