Debra Disharoon Artworks


Debra Disharoon is an American, interdisciplinary artist from Shannon, Georgia who uses a variety of media in visual arts. Her experience also extends to the theatrical arts, filling the roles of actor, sound and lighting production, and stagecraft. She expresses intensity and energy through the metal arts as a certified functional welder and fabricator.


She loves to experiment with a variety of media, appreciating the different personality of each one. Embracing challenge in works using calculated precision and enjoying free-flowing play in abstract designs yields a marvelous and colorful portfolio of pattern and movement. Her works vary greatly in subject matter, executed in the media charcoal, graphite, colored pencil, oil and acrylic. She creates functional metal structures of various sizes, incorporating metallurgical knowledge of carbon steels, stainless steels, aluminum and brass. Her art is inspired by physical movement and music, integrating energy from life experiences and applications from various forms of art.


Her current work involves fiber arts and exploring methods for creating sustainable fashion.

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